We Deliver Tangible Marketing Results

Using Data-Driven, People-Based Marketing

Results Like This:

7 Straight Months of Record Breaking New Patients

Still Having Record Sales After 30 years

25% Year-Over-Year Online Sales Growth

Saved $50,000 from the Co-Op System We Created

Notice in the above examples, I didn’t mention how many Impressions we got them or their Click-Through-Rate because THAT DOESN’T MATTER. What matters is at the end of the day can you say your marketing efforts are doing something tangible for your business.

It’s common for media reps to tell you they delivered a Click-Through-Rate that is better than the national average, yet it is still only .06%!!

Who cares?

Did that sell some lawnmowers over the weekend or did that get you another customer in the door to shop?

We’ve been called ‘Practical and Affordable’ because we don’t sugar coat the facts and we call a spade, a spade. If you tell me you are buying newspaper ads because your sales rep’s girlfriend works there…we can’t help you.

If you tell us that you don’t know what is working and yet you aren’t really tracking anything, we can help you BUT we will make you meet the tracking parameters we lay out.

If you tell us you are getting leads but they aren’t producing sales, we’ll analyze your sales process and fix the broken pieces.

Whatever it takes to save you time, money and heartache, we’ll do. We are only interested in growing your profits so you can be wildly successful.

So Tell Us, What Brought You Here Today? You need help with:


Your products or services naturally come with questions. If you can get prospective customers to call you, you can give more detail and move them closer to a store visit and purchase.


You don’t have e-commerce so your customers need to come to your location to buy. You really need more store traffic in order to drive sales.


Your products or services are pretty self-explanatory. You have a great website so getting more website traffic is what you need the most to drive sales.


You have a longer sales cycle and potential customers need to be nurtured into a purchase. You need to generate more qualified leads so that your sales team can follow up.


You are an established, successful company and need to maintain and/or grow brand awareness to stave off more local competition.


You don’t have a dedicated marketing employee and need help in all of these areas.


You have a different marketing challenge.

In the old days, we were called Advertising Agencies, or Ad Agencies, for short. We built creative campaigns with ads for traditional media like television, radio and newspapers. Today, there are still Ad Agencies that focus on these type of services.

The internet brought hundreds of new digital and social options and some of these companies are now called Digital Agencies or Social Media Agencies. They’ve decided to only offer one line of services in these fields.

We are a combination of the old and the new and are more appropriately described as a Marketing Company. This way we can offer a comprehensive and integrated approach to your marketing to make it easier and more streamlined for YOU. You end up saving many hours and many thousands by working with us as Your Marketing Team.

By consistently learning new platforms and testing software, we are able to  find the very best tools for creating your advanced marketing strategy. We are data driven meaning we aren’t making emotional decisions based on biases and personal preferences and we don’t let you do that either. We use data to analyze performance and make educated decisions.

Tracking is an absolute requirement we don’t negotiate. If you aren’t tracking your efforts then you might as well be burning your money. We implement tracking tools and procedures so we have a baseline to compare against. It’s all very scientific, really!

If You Have Questions, Get In Touch Here

Successful marketing is more about the overall strategy and day-to-day management than the individual tactical platforms. HOWEVER, if you want to see the individual platforms we work with...here is a list:


  • Google Ads: Paid Search, Display & YouTube Videos
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • Reviews & Reputation Management
  • Websites and E-Commerce
  • Automated Email Marketing


  • Television
  • Radio
  • Direct Mail
  • Graphic Design & Video Production


  • Facebook Content Posting
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Content Posting
  • Instagram Ads

Here Are Some Kind Words From Clients And Friends:

  • "Katie's passion and pursuit in marketing are truly amazing. Her understanding of the local market, specifically how to best position small companies in that market, is phenomenal. Because of her extensive experience in the business, she understands everything from Yellow Pages to Instagram. Probably most important for your business, she has trackable, traceable result analytics so you can know your actual return on your marketing investment. Thanks Katie for your energy and insight for your industry, and your passion to help small businesses grow with that energy."
    Ian Ullman Mortgage Loan Officer, First Interstate Bank
  • "Tiger has been instrumental in growing our strategy in the complete marketing arena.  They put in place an over-all plan with details and follow thru that have paid off in great return. They know what consumers want, have an enormous aptitude for research and know what it takes to deliver ROI."
    Stephanie Lynn Owner, Sweet Spot Skirts
  • "I've worked with Katie for years on multiple projects. I've always found her professional and data based approach to marketing refreshing! She is very seasoned and educated in helping local businesses grow. I would recommend Katie wholeheartedly!"
    Cam Maxwell Regional Vice President, Connoisseur Media
  • "I worked with Katie when I was an employee at KTVQ and now as the owner of Graphic Finesse. Katie is an excellent resource, her knowledge in marketing is extensive and she brings excitement and energy to every project. I'm thankful for all the projects we've worked on and I look forward to working with Katie in the future."

    Aaron Waller Owner, Graphic Finesse
  • I've worked with Katie and she does an excellent job. Her goal is to help your business become better and more successful. I highly recommend any business use Tiger for their marketing needs!"
    Zach Winkelmann Owner, Atlas Chiropractic

Some Of Our Clients

They are like family

We Can Help You In One Of Two Ways:

One way we can help you is by managing and implementing one or a few tactical pieces of your overall marketing strategy. For example:

  • Creating and placing Google ads on paid search, display or YouTube
  • Social Media Content Posting to multiple channels
  • Producing and buying radio ads, tracking ad copy
  • Designing and implementing automated email campaigns

If we help you in this way, we present you with proposals and estimates based on the project including our fees, ad costs and other expenses. It may be a one-time project or an ongoing effort that has the same monthly estimate.

The other way we can help you is by managing all the marketing efforts and dealing with all the day-to-day tasks that entails. For example:

  • Crafting your overall Strategic Marketing Plan
  • Allocating budget
  • Implementing campaigns, tracking performance and data analysis
  • Building benchmarks, timetables, calendars and systems

If we help you in this way, we usually agree on a flat monthly fee, called a retainer, and commit a certain number of hours to you each week. The benefit to you is knowing exactly what to expect for budgeting the expense and having someone you can call 24/7 with a task to be completed, a question or a challenge. In this scenario, we become your marketing department!

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