Business to Business Marketing



Strategic landing pages are used by 68% of B2B businesses to acquire leads.
– Marketo, 2018


Selling to businesses takes a completely different style than other forms of marketing. It takes a well planned system, executed with precision and relationships nurtured over time.


There Are Two Types of B2B Marketing:

Inbound marketing, also called Content Marketing, involves creating relevant content, distributing it and having viewers read and watch with the option to opt in for more information. Some of the components inside this type of marketing are:

  • Blog Articles
  • Lead Magnets
  • Landing Pages
  • Forms Filled Out
  • Automated Email Campaigns for Lead Nurturing

Outbound includes any marketing effort that you push out with the intent of attracting a prospective customer to contact you. Some of the components inside this type of marketing are:

  • Ads on LinkedIn, Google or Facebook
  • Direct mail
  • Ads on TV and radio or newspapers
  • Trade Show space, signage and collateral
  • Cold calling

Our Questions For You:

How Are Your Marketing Efforts Working?

 What Is Your Cost-Per-Acquisition?

What Is Your Return-On-Invested-Capital?”

 Are You Generating Qualified Sales Leads?

 Are You Converting Prospects Into Sales?


Armed with this data, we help you increase profits by reducing marketing costs because we can identify the people who are in the market for your products and services, by name.


Inbound and Outbound work in tandem because all efforts are pulling on the rope when trying to generate, nurture and close leads. You need to be able to track when someone is in the market for your service, when they read a blog, saw an ad, or visited your website. You need to know if they opened an email or if they clicked a link in the email.

You need to be able to follow someone from the awareness stage all the way to the day of purchase and talk to them all along the way. As they have questions through the buying process, you need to be there with the answer.

Automation, CRM, and technology tools are critical to the success of growing qualified sales leads. It takes time, organization and great writing but it also needs a system for building that relationship with your prospect.