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Social Media is the section of Advertising that we get the most questions about. There are really three ways to use Social Media: Posting Content, Buying Ads, and Influencer Marketing.

Twelve years ago, businesses started building great audiences, getting fans and great exposure for growth on their Facebook business pages, but the reach of those audiences has decreased ever since by Facebooks own admission.

Content Posting

Content posting is designed to give your audience things to read, view, listen to or learn from that are entertaining, educational, motivational or informative.

The whole point of posting content is to get engagement: likes, shares, comments and other reactions. This is what fuels the viral nature of social…the engagement provides your content the opportunity to reach way more people than you have as fans/followers. Personally, I’m over Facebook and have been sick of it for years. I don’t want to see what people had for dinner and I don’t need a hundred random motivational quotes in my feed…but that’s just me.

In fact, Facebook has become a ‘pay-to-play’ for business pages. The content you post to your business page is reaching 20% of your fans if you are lucky. For most, it’s more like 6%. Facebook has reduced the amount of people you can reach organically because they want you to pay for that audience.

Now, you can still get great viral reach, create buzz and build your business using content and there is an entire industry that just builds social content, because there are Platforms other than Facebook that still provide great organic reach. There are tons of tools available to help you in this area. You can schedule content posting across your social channels with tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, you can create fast videos with Promo or Wave or you can pay someone to create content for you. Our best performance for a Facebook page was taking a business page from 500 likes to over 6,000 in one year. Even if the posts today aren’t reaching as many people, we can still use all those people to target them for ads.

Last year, Facebook made more of a push toward Groups and Community. If you start or run a Group, you’re more likely to reach the audience that has signed up for that than if you post on your business page.

Buying Ads

Over this same 12 years, Facebook has had an ad platform to ‘buy’ ads for reaching targeted audiences. The objectives and formats have changed over the years but since Facebook bought Instagram, you can use the one ad interface for placing ads on both. Except for these two, each platform has its own ad interface, best practices and analytics.

You can buy ads on each platform individually or use can use a tool called programmatic advertising that places ads across multiple platforms through a trading desk.

Here’s the funny thing, and it surprises me that people don’t understand this…just because you place an ad on these platforms, doesn’t mean you are going to get business. These tools are simply that…tools. You need to have a strong strategy in place with excellent creative, used over time with testing to get results. The tips and tricks from those of us that have placed hundreds or thousands of ads can help you get more for your money. Our running tally currently sits at over 1,200 ad campaigns we’ve created and managed. There is an entire industry of marketing companies that just do Facebook Ads so you have lots of options!

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing uses social media influencers to promote your products and services. Individuals that have audiences in your target category can show your products in their feeds, show their audience using your product or give a review or testimonial from having tried your product. Some influencers have blog followers, some have YouTube video followers and others have social media followers on one or multiple channels. 

Use Social Media to grow your business

To sum up the social media category, each platform has its own unique advantages, audiences and purpose. Which one is right for you depends on your industry, your target market and your brand.

Advertising in Billings https://tigermarketingservices.com/advertising-in-billings/ Wed, 23 Oct 2019 20:28:26 +0000 https://tigermarketingservices.com/?p=988 Advertising in Billings Read More »


Businesses in Billings are lucky to have a huge variety of advertising opportunities available to them. From its huge variety of radio and television stations to its numerous newspapers and magazines, Billings is home to some of the best advertising opportunities for hundreds of miles in any direction. With over 100,000 residents in Billings, companies are sure to find their ideal audience through advertising.

Living in the most populous city in 500 miles has its benefits for a number of reasons, and a large advertising audience is one of them. Billings itself has over 100,000 residents. The larger community of Yellowstone County has a population of nearly 160,000.



Radio Advertising

With  36 radio stations in the Billings area, your company will be able to find the right ones to advertise on to reach your ideal audience. From national radio broadcasting companies like Townsquare Media to local radio stations like Desert Mountain Broadcasting and the Northern Ag Network’s Mighty 790 AM, Billings radio truly has something for everyone.

Desert Mountain Broadcasting

Desert Mountain Broadcasting’s (formerly Connoisseur Media) six radio stations in Billings include a news talk station, ESPN station, and country, classic hits, pop, and rock music stations.

Desert Mountain Broadcasting’s radio stations in Billings are:

  • News Talk 730 AM
  • ESPN 910 AM (local, regional, and national sports news)
  • K-Sky 1 FM (country music)
  • MY 9 FM (classic hits)
  • Planet 7 FM (top 40 music, recent hits)
  • The Zone 3 FM (rock music)

Townsquare Media

The other large radio station group in Billings is Townsquare Media. Its four Billings-area radio stations cover news talk radio and country, top 40, and classic rock music. Companies can advertise on one or all of Townsquare Media’s stations, which makes radio ad buying convenient for advertisers.

Mighty 790

Billings’s largest locally-owned radio station is KGHL 790 AM (94.7 FM). Called Mighty 790, this station plays classic country music, hosts agricultural news talk shows, broadcasts Montana State University Bobcats football games, and hosts Tradio, a call-in classifieds ad service.

“From the Bozeman Pass to Miles City and the Missouri River Breaks to Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains…KGHL is proud to serve a 20-county region of Southern Montana and Northern Wyoming.”

-Mighty 790’s coverage map



Television Advertising

If you’re looking for television advertising opportunities in the Billings and Yellowstone County areas, you’re in luck! Billings is home to affiliate stations of CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC, as well as SWX, which shows local sports and weather. Many of these stations have highly engaged audiences on social media, giving advertisers an extra platform to reach viewers.

Q2 News

Q2 News (KTVQ) is the CBS affiliate for the Billings, Montana, region. The station offers companies opportunities to advertise on both its television station and its website. KTVQ also has GRIT and the CW as subchannels.

“Q2 News, KTVQ, is the CBS affiliate in Billings, Montana. As Montana’s News Leader we are your source for continuing news coverage, and the latest sports and weather updates.”

-Q2 News Facebook page



Billings’s local NBC affiliate is KULR8, which also has the SWX channel (SWX stands for Sports & Weather Right Now). KULR8’s Sales & Marketing page on its website talks about the station’s numerous opportunities for advertising on its platforms.

“We can help you utilize the power of television and the World Wide Web to reach your target consumer. Our SWX channel, which stands for Sports & Weather Right Now, is rapidly growing. We’re committed to providing Montana and northern Wyoming with the best in local sports coverage and continuous weather updates from the best meteorologists in the area. SWX broadcasts local high school sports, such as football, basketball, volleyball and a host of local events in our community. In addition to advertising your products on the air, we also have a variety of sponsorship opportunities, banners, pre-roll and mobile ads that can showcase your business 24/7 on KULR8.com and our KULR-8 News mobile app. Establish your brand in the marketplace, and let people know about your products and services through a company that strives to help your business grow.”

-KULR8’s Sales & Marketing page


ABC 6 and FOX 4

Nexstar Media Group operates two Billings television stations, KSVI (ABC affiliate) and KHMT (FOX affiliate). Both KSVI and KHMT use the website yourbigsky.com, where companies can find station information and contact information for the stations’ advertising manager.

“KSVI and KHMT extend the ABC and FOX brands to the Internet, mobile and other digital services with interactive content that goes beyond TV to allow the viewer a more in-depth, personal experience. We’ll work with your brand to develop customized messages to unite you with some of our best properties.”


Spectrum Reach

The local cable company has over 30 networks you can buy ad space on. From sports to movies, cooking and DIY, there are many ways you can target your ideal audience through cable television ads.



Print Advertising

The Billings Gazette

The Billings Gazette is the area’s local daily newspaper. Residents through Billings, Yellowstone County, and even across Montana and Wyoming subscribe to the Billings Gazette in order to stay up-to-date on local and regional news. In fact, according to its advertising information, the Gazette reaches 85% of the Billings market between its print newspaper and its website www.billingsgazette.com. Businesses can choose to advertise solely in the newspaper, or they can combine their advertising efforts with the Gazette’s website. The newspaper’s website receives 972,000 unique visitors every month!

The Laurel Outlook

Though it’s not nearly as large as the Billings Gazette, the Laurel Outlook has a dedicated readership of 2,700 subscribers throughout Yellowstone County and nearby Stillwater and Carbon Counties. The paper is published weekly on Thursdays. The Laurel Outlook’s ad sales manager is able to help businesses identify if the weekly newspaper’s readership is a good fit for advertising opportunities.

Thrifty Nickel

A unique print advertising opportunity is the Thrifty Nickel. According to its website, “Whether you’re selling a car, a home, having a garage sale, or looking for the perfect employee, we’ve got a solution that meets your needs.”

Car dealerships and realtors can reach a huge audience primed to buy through the Thrifty Nickel. Other popular advertising categories in the paper include agriculture, help wanted, and business & services.

Because its readers are browsing an advertising publication already, advertisers have a huge advantage over other methods, like newspapers. When readers see a newspaper ad, they may not pay attention to it, because they’re likely focusing on the paper’s content, not necessarily looking to spend money on goods or services. But publications like the Thrifty Nickel are advertisements only, meaning the readers are at least considering making a purchase by the time they open the pagers.



Magazine Advertising

Billings Lifestyle Magazine

A monthly magazine for Billings readers is Billings Lifestyle Magazine. The magazine has over 10,000 subscribers by mail and over 50,000 readers, letting you reach a huge audience in the region. The average household income of Billings Lifestyle’s readers is $100,000+, so high-end companies can find readers to connect with. Billings Lifestyle Magazine’s full media kit and advertising information can be found on its website.

Simply Family Magazine

Simply Family Magazine delivers 20,000 free copies 12 times per year. Copies of the magazine can be found all over town, including in local coffee shops and doctor’s offices. Readers can also choose to subscribe to a digital or print version of the magazine.

Yellowstone Valley Woman Magazine

Billings’ most read magazine is Yellowstone Valley Woman. The advertising team explains on their website, “Yellowstone Valley Woman is the valley’s best choice to reach women in our area. While we print and distribute 22,000 copies of each issue, a recent reader survey showed an average of three people pick up and read each individual copy. That means you have the power to reach over 65,000 people by advertising in just one issue. It’s the reason why YVW is the most read lifestyle publication in Montana’s largest city.”

Magic Magazine

Billings Gazette’s publisher, Lee Enterprises, also produces Magic City Magazine in Billings.

“Originating as the Magic City Experience in 2003, Magic showcases life in and around Billings, Montana. We follow a simple mission:  to uncover all that is unique and wonderful and changing in this great community…and we guarantee a few surprises along the way.”

-Magic City Magazine’s About page


Billboard Advertising

As both residents and tourists drive through the Billings area, billboards can be found along almost any large city road or interstate. Montana and Wyoming residents from across both states often come to Billings for its retail shopping and events. And daily commuters throughout Yellowstone County pass through the I-90 and I-94 corridors, which are lined with billboards, as is Highway 212 towards Red Lodge.

“With Billings being the largest city in Montana and also for a 500-mile radius, it has become a regional distribution hub for the surrounding communities, whether you’re moving people or products, Billings puts you in prime position.”

-Think Billings

Billings has a number of billboard companies ready to help businesses reach new audiences. Bella Outdoor Advertising and Lamar Advertising are two popular options for traditional billboards. Bella is a locally-owned Billings company. Lamar is a national company headquartered in Louisiana, which may be useful for companies who want to advertise both in and outside of the Billings, Montana, area.

A new trend in billboard advertising is in using digital billboards. Blip, which has digital billboards throughout Billings, makes billboard advertising more accessible than ever for tech-friendly business owners. By simply downloading Blip’s app, you can upload your billboard design and bid on when your ad will be shown. You can choose from highly-viewed locations during peak or non-peak hours. Your ad will be shown for 7.5 to 10 seconds at a time, with the ad showing more frequently if you choose a higher ad pricing package. This entirely eliminates the need for billboard installation or even dealing with a sales team, if that is your preference.

Summary of Billings Advertising Opportunities

When your company is ready to grow in Billings, Montana, these options are all great ways for you to reach new customers! From the area’s variety of television and radio stations to our great newspapers and magazines, your ads are sure to reach the audience you’re looking for. And your opportunity to reach travelers along Billings’ interstate and highway corridors via billboard means your potential audience is nearly unlimited.

5 Pillars of An Integrated Marketing Strategy https://tigermarketingservices.com/5-pillars-of-an-integrated-marketing-strategy/ Mon, 08 Apr 2019 21:03:31 +0000 https://tigermarketingservices.com/?p=822 5 Pillars of An Integrated Marketing Strategy Read More »

Integrated marketing is a way to focus marketing efforts across multiple platforms, departments and employees. It provides the foundation for all marketing decisions and helps streamline efforts, keep branding consistent and portray one single, united front to the consumer. It is the perfect combination of blending online and offline efforts into one laser focused marketing strategy to achieve synergy and business growth.


The first, and most important, pillar is owned assets. These are things like your Google My Business listing, your website and your social channels. You own them and control the content shared about your business to the world and you determine the frequency with which updates are made and conversations flow.

Your Google My Business listing is one of the most basic and fundamental pieces you need to pay attention to. Moz says that Google My Business listings account for 25% of your local 3-pack ranking factors. This listing needs to be robust with images, menu items, inventory items, services, videos, posts and anything else you can think of to share.

The absolute, most important owned asset you have is your website. Your website is the place potential customers can learn more about you during the research phase of their buying journey. They can meet the owner, look at your product selection or service options, or see your areas of expertise. It must be very robust with content optimized for SEO, be mobile optimized and fast. You need to make sure you are constantly updating it with content, events, or information so that it stays current for visitors. It should reflect your business personality and must portray your brand including your Unique Selling Proposition, your colors, style and feel of the business you run. This is how visitors get to know you. Personally, if I can’t read about the owner(s) who run the business, I leave the site. People buy from people they trust and if they can’t get to know you by visiting your website, you’ve failed.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the marketing tactic used in this category for getting your website to organically rank at the top of searches. Experts differ on the exact amount of influence that different SEO efforts help in your ranking but agree on some basics like on-page efforts, off-page efforts, link building and social engagement.

The next owned asset you have are your social channels like your Facebook page, your Instagram page, your YouTube channel and your Pinterest page. All these platforms give you the opportunity to further enhance your relationship with customers and tell your story to future customers. These platforms must also portray your brand, your business personality and give people a place to engage with you. You should look the same to each of these audiences even if you use different content on each platform. Consumers should never see your brand use anything other than your brand colors, exact logo, conversation style, slogan, jingle or anything else that you’ve used to build your brand. Don’t confuse people by changing the colors of an ad, changing the symbols you use or your slogan just because you are bored with them.

Social Media Marketing is the tactic used for social channels where you post content to try and drive likes, shares, video views, pins, comments and engagement. In the old days (5 years ago) you could reach a reasonable amount of people with your Facebook posts. Now, reach is diminishing as Facebook wants you to pay for the reach that they’ve historically provided for free.


Personal selling takes many forms from networking at Chamber of Commerce functions to outside sales people calling on prospects. This is the act of face-to-face relationship building and takes business relationships to another level. Another example of personal selling is trade shows where you get to meet and interact with prospects in person. You can start a dialogue about what the prospect’s needs, how you might be a solution to their problem, and start developing ideas for them to consider. Your personal selling efforts might come in the form of inside sales people like in a retail environment. If you are business-to-business, you might employ outside sales people.


The advertising category includes all forms of marketing you pay for. Traditional media includes things like newspaper, radio, television, direct mail and billboards. Digital media includes paid ads that are only online. The most prominent digital media includes pay-per-click (PPC) like Google Paid Search, YouTube video ads and mobile banner ads. Other examples include streaming radio, like Pandora, streaming television, like HULU, and banner ads on local media websites around local news and sports.

Advertising is the kind of thing that businesses love to hate. It is technically an expense on the profit & loss report, but it really is an investment into future business.


From time-to-time, you’ll find that sales need a little boost in order to help you hit a monthly goal, to reach a certain level for cash flow or simply to move out inventory. Sales promotions are the sales you implement to accomplish this. It might be a one-day sale, an anniversary sale, an everyday new customer offer, an incentive to drive higher per transaction revenue, or any combination you can think of. Sales promotions are not only for retailers, they can have a big impact on business-to-business sales, on services and healthcare, too.


This category is called Earned Media because its free and you have earned the right to be included in someone else’s audience reach. Within traditional media, a newspaper could do a feature story on your latest accomplishment, a local radio station can interview you about an upcoming event, or a television station can shoot footage at your location to cover an exciting new philanthropic effort. Digital media offers opportunities for earned media, as well. Bloggers can talk about your products or services and provide links to your website. Social media influencers can do product reviews for you and tag you in the post.

Public relations are very often the very last thing on the marketing agenda for small businesses because they are too busy working inside the other four pillars to drive traffic and sales.

Many businesses think only about advertising when they think about marketing. I challenge you to think differently. When you have all 5 pillars working in tandem, you have a powerful integrated marketing program. Each year you should sit down and work through your annual plan including each of these pillars, get action steps on a calendar, and create benchmarks to track progress. Having a plan like this will help save you time and money.


Differences Between Today’s Ad Agencies https://tigermarketingservices.com/differences-between-todays-ad-agencies/ Tue, 02 Apr 2019 19:38:06 +0000 https://tigermarketingservices.com/?p=802 Differences Between Today’s Ad Agencies Read More »

Prior to the mid-90’s when search engines were born, an Advertising Agency, or ad agency for short, helped other businesses create marketing strategies and implement advertising campaigns across ad platforms available at the time. There were a few national broadcast television networks, hundreds of national magazines and newspapers, billboards and direct mail.

The ad agencies of this era were primarily hired to create a brand concept, or creative message, that would elevate a brand through an advertising campaign.  Think ‘Mad Men’ or ‘What a Woman Wants’ and you understand the thought process and creativity sought from an ad agency. Big national companies would hire big national ad agencies for a creative branding campaign then the agency would go about negotiating and buying media across the country and sending ad placement instructions.

One benefit of hiring the agency is that they would work with all the different ad platforms in all the available markets to buy space and time. It could take months to negotiate, coordinate and place orders when they were dealing with dozens of media companies. An ad campaign could be purchased from CBS, for example, and get aired in all the markets that carried a CBS affiliate. A local newspaper, however, needed to be purchased separately so imagine trying to keep track of hundreds of orders, sizes and billing from all these vendors.

Small companies in smaller markets could also use the services of ad agencies, also, but on a more local level. The same process took place, creative concept, media buying and placement with local media outlets and local ad platforms.

The Internet Changed Things

When the internet became a player in the advertising world, many old-school advertising agencies either couldn’t keep up or didn’t want to get on board with the new opportunities. This led to the multi-million dollar industry now called Digital Agencies. Digital Agencies work strictly in the world of the internet, doing many of the same functions as the old agency version with creative concept, placing orders and implementing campaigns but only online.

To further complicate things, the Digital Agency industry has niched down even more into agencies that only handle one platform. There are different agencies that only work on websites, SEO, social media, PPC, content marketing, and email.

The term full-service ad agency now refers to one that does all the old-school functions but also can implement digital and social components, as well.

Other Marketing Companies

There are still other marketing companies that simply provide the tools to execute a strategy. Think Constant Contact, an email provider, or Wordstream, a PPC management tool. The user still must do the work, but these tools make implementing a strategy easier.

These marketing companies are starting to drive confusion, however, as they expand their products and services offered. An email provider is now offering social media ads; a website company now offers SEO and PPC; a newspaper company is now offering reputation management. We are seeing more crossover, duplication and wasted money than ever because you can get any of these services literally anywhere. It is a great move for the marketing company because they are trying to diversify revenue streams but is it better for the client, the business paying for the subscription?

Industry Specific

There are also full-service and digital agencies that are industry specific. Automotive, real estate and dental are examples where an entire industry of marketing companies cater to just that industry. The benefit to a business owner hiring one of these agencies is the expertise developed over time within the operational processes and consumer behavior in those verticals.

What is Best for You

There is no right answer for what’s the best solution for your needs. It depends on your size, organizational structure and goals. If you are a large company with a marketing department to craft your overall marketing strategy, implement all the components and analyze the results, you may only need a few marketing companies for their tools and maybe a little extra help from a specialized digital agency.

If you are running your business from the floor, handling all the functions yourself, you might want to use a full-service agency, so they can be the ones to deal with all the tools of the trade. We have clients generating $10 million in annual sales that still work on the retail floor, helping customers, overseeing employees and solving day-to-day problems so they need a marketing team but don’t want to finance and hire a team in-house.

Ask yourself this question:  Am I happy with the way my marketing is working? The answer to that question will help you determine your next course of action. If some parts are working great, then maybe you only need to add one service from a digital agency. If none is working or the overall effect isn’t growing your business the way you want, then maybe the full-service option is right for you.

One thing to consider is how you got to where you are today. If you’ve been growing and successful because you were able to delegate tasks off to an experienced professional, think Accountant, Employee Benefits, or IT specialist, then you might already be poised to work well with an agency. However, if you are very hands-on and need more direct control, then you might only need help from a platform specific digital agency.

Tiger Marketing Services’ 6 Year Anniversary! https://tigermarketingservices.com/six-years-of-billings-marketing/ Fri, 28 Sep 2018 17:46:26 +0000 https://tigermarketingservices.com/?p=475 Tiger Marketing Services’ 6 Year Anniversary! Read More »

Happy anniversary to us! Our Billings, Montana marketing company is six years old this month. We’re thankful to have clients who have been with us the whole time and clients who have joined us along the way.


Our Marketing Services Have Grown

We wanted to make sure we kept up with marketing trends through the years, so we’ve grown and learned as much as possible. Our team has gotten Google Ad Certifications. We’ve added SEO (search engine optimization) and social media to our digital marketing offerings. We’ve continued to offer traditional media marketing services, building strong partnerships with local Billings vendors.

 tiger marketing services staff

Our Team Has Grown

Our staff now includes:

Katie the Conqueror, who is Tiger’s owner and president

Barry the Bookkeeper, who keeps the business on track

Cheryl the Sheriff, who takes care of all our details

Chris the Internet Guru, who is our Billings-based people-person

Michelle the Master Project Manager, who manages projects and social media

What Will the Next Six Years Bring?

We can’t wait to work with more companies around the Billings area to help with their marketing and advertising. We’re always learning, training on new services and trends, and keeping up with our current certifications. We use a proprietary program for SEO to grow our clients’ web presence, and we’ll definitely keep growing that.

Your Marketing Team

What would you like to see from us in the future? How can we help you with Google search advertising or Facebook ads? Does your company need to build its reputation online through reviews? Need to put up some billboards? We’re here to help YOU!

Advertise on Google with Our Experienced, Certified Team https://tigermarketingservices.com/google-advertising-certified/ Thu, 27 Sep 2018 08:00:10 +0000 https://tigermarketingservices.com/?p=466 Advertise on Google with Our Experienced, Certified Team Read More »

Get experienced help to advertise on Google

Imagine this: you’re ready to start advertising your business on Google. You’ve seen sponsored Google Search results and you like seeing the suggested locations that show up on Google. But how do you get your business advertised there? And when you do, how can you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

That’s what we’re here for! We know what we’re doing. And you can be sure of this, because Google has certified Tiger Marketing Services through its Google Ads Certification program.

Advertise on Google with help from Tiger Marketing Services

We’re Google Ads Certified

We are certified online advertising professionals. We’re qualified to help your business grow on the web using Google’s advertising network.

Here’s what Google has to say:

“The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of Google Ads.”

How We’re Certified

The certification process is a rigorous study program followed by hours-long testing to make sure we know what we’re doing when we advertise on Google. When you’re thinking about getting started with digital marketing, you deserve help from an agency that knows what it’s doing.

We get recertified every year, so you can be sure that we’re staying on top of new digital advertising trends and best practices.

What Our Advertising Certification Means for You

Tiger Marketing Services knows how to launch and manage Google Ads campaigns across Google’s ads platform. Our expertise includes Google Search as well as display and mobile advertising, YouTube advertising, and shopping advertising.

We’re ready to help you determine which platform(s) are right for your business and your goals. Then we can run the campaigns for you to hit those targets when you advertise on Google.

Start Advertising on Google Now

Get in touch with us to learn which Google advertising platforms are best for you. We’ll come up with realistic, solid advertising goals to help your business grow and hit your end-of-year targets.