Driving foot traffic into your brick and mortar location is the hardest marketing task you’ll encounter. Twenty years ago it was simple, but today it’s a challenge that takes a multi-faceted approach to accomplish.

Step #1 – Tell Your Story

Create a relationship with your current and potential customers. Give them a reason to get to know you and want to get up off the couch to walk into your location.

This is providing a great experience once they arrive. You have to think out-of-the-box and really look through their eyes as they try to do business with you. Good customer service is not enough. You have to provide excellent, consistent customer service. You have to provide staff that know how to answer questions and can be the experts they are perceived to be. Is finding great employees a challenge? Yes, but it can mean the difference between gaining or losing customers.

Step #2 – Drive Traffic

Your marketing strategy needs to be laser focused on the objective. Use loss leader creative messages and platforms that are best suited to the strategy.

  • Digital banner ads that track store visits
  • Offline and online coupons that are good in-store only
  • Gift with in-store purchase
  • In-store registrations for giveaways and contests
  • Well-planned and exciting events
  • Educational seminar or workshop

Step #3 – Reach and Frequency

Keep in mind that no successful traffic driving effort can be executed short-term. Consistent, frequent messages in front of your current and potential customers builds your brand equity and makes you more memorable for the next time your products are on their shopping list.

The latest research shows that frequency and intent to purchase have an undeniable correlation. As frequency of message increase, so does the brand’s effect on purchases.

Frequency lifts brands