Generate More Calls


While store visits are the holy grail to grow your business, phone calls to your business are the next best thing. You can build rapport, demonstrate your exceptional customer service, ask questions and give helpful answers. You can help move a potential customer toward a purchase through a phone conversation and try to keep them from pursuing a competitor.

Some industries rely on inbound phone calls more than others. Professionals like lawyers and doctors, services like plumbers and electricians and anything else that requires setting an appointment use phone calls to grow their business.

Other industries don’t need phone calls at all to drive business. E-commerce stores, grocery stores and convenience stores are examples that can grow their business without ever generating more phone calls.

If you want to grow your business by increasing phone calls, you first need to know where your current calls are coming from and how often. This will set the baseline for tracking progress from marketing efforts.

  • What are the sources of current phone calls?
  • What is the breakdown of current customer calls to prospective customer calls?
  • What is the daily/weekly/monthly volume?
  • What is the most common question/topic of calls from current customers? From potential customers?

All of this information helps you build a call generating strategy.

Research shows that the majority of inbound phone calls come from Mobile Search. This makes sense as people Ask Google to look up something and then your Google My Business listing has your phone number installed for Click-to-Call functionality.

This is the fastest and easiest way for anyone to call your business whether they already do business with you or not. This is an instant satisfaction tool that people use instead of clicking on into your website. They want something now. Use this data to create a strategy that will grow your business by increasing phone calls.

Get more phone calls to your business


Steps you can take to grow your business by increasing phone calls:

  • Make your phone number more prominent on all website pages with a Call-to-Action message and clickable from mobile or tablet devices
  • Add a Call Now tab on your Facebook page
  • Add a Call Now tab to your Google My Business listing
  • Launch Call Only Google paid search ads
  • Use call extensions on Google paid search ads
  • Adding a phone number graphic to your YouTube videos
  • Make sure your phone number is accurate across all internet directories
  • Increase your SEO efforts to ensure you are ranking on the first page of SERP (search engine results pages)
  • Drive brand awareness through offline platforms (TV, radio, direct mail, etc.) to drive online searches

Things that WON’T help you generate more phone calls:

  • Using your phone number in your radio ad
  • Using your phone number in your television ad
  • Using your phone number on billboards

People who are hearing, seeing or reading your message on these platforms aren’t going to write down or even remember your phone number. They will hear your name and Google you. Using screen space and/or audio time to voice your phone number is a waste of time and money.