Reviews - Why They Matter

  • Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)
  • 73% of consumers trust a local business more after reading positive reviews (BrightLocal, 2017)
  • Experts believe that online reviews make up over 13% of how Google and other search engines rank local search results (Chatmeter, 2017)
  • Having five reviews results in purchase likelihood increasing by a factor of almost four times (Spiegel Research Center, 2017)


  • What potential customers find online can make the difference between buying from you and from your competitors
  • Negative reviews can be leveraged for your gain if you respond promptly and appropriately.
  • All your current marketing efforts will drive prospective customers online to learn more about you – what will they see?


Our Reputation Management service provides you with an all-in-one solution to build, manage, and promote your business’ online reputation.

  • Listings Management: Be listed in all relevant directories in your niche – we’ll check, verify and update your information on existing listings on a consistent basis.
  • Monitor Reviews: We make it easy to generate and monitor reviews and publish them to top review sites.
  • Request customer feedback:  share their positive experience & address negative feedback.
  • Mentions: Easy tracking of brand mentions and target keywords, so you’ll have insight into conversations about your business.
Reviews and Reputation Management
Reviews and Ratings

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