Offline - Traditional Media

US Adults spent 42% of their daily media time with live and time-shifted TV.
-Nielsen, 12-2018
92% of US Adults listen to the radio at least once a week.
-Nielsen, 12-2018
Study shows 82% of adults trust print ads (newspaper and magazine) more than other channels when it comes to making a purchase decision.
-Marketing Sherpa, 2016
For offline platforms like television, radio, newspaper, billboard, and direct mail, we have over 25 years of experience to share.
  • Television and radio are best used for building awareness, driving store traffic and results
  • TV and radio require both reach and frequency to work best
  • Print like newspaper and direct mail are best used for products/services that need a little more detail and information
  • Print is a great platform for coupons, deals and sales
Our team of graphic designers, videographers, and copywriters will develop and craft ad messages for your strategic objectives.
  • We use best practices that are applicable to each platform
  • Professional quality design and production
  • Using emotion, color, music and other tools of the trade for optimum effectiveness
These platforms provide unique opportunities for you. We’ll help leverage your campaigns to get more exposure, more spots, and more air-time, etc. We know what to ask for.
  • Different seasons and timing affect the ability to negotiate rates
  • We analyze opportunities with critical investigation
  • When you know of all the local opportunities, you can plan ahead and make better buying decisions